Carmina Burana Carl Orff Pelicula dirigida por Jean Pierre Ponnelle

This was the dramatic rendition of Carl Orff’s most famous piece of music, how he wanted it to look but seldom performed as such nowadays. It was finally filmed by West German TV in 1975 with the close co-operation of Orff in honour of his 80th birthday. The various stories of young lust and gluttony are playfully and skillfully brought to life. This version of Orff’s masterpiece of the sacred and profane was hard to find in Germany. Not so strange, it was banned there for decades, most likely because of its almost literal interpretation of the texts Orff put music to. I first saw this when I was 12-13 years old at the Goethe Institute in Bergen, Norway, with my father, sister and mother. Someone had managed to get hold of an 8mm film roll with it and had a secret screening. This was in the 1980s and, believe it or not, there were strong forces opposed to what they considered blasphemous content in films. The mixture of Christian and pagan imagery is completely consistent with the lyrics, which were found in a monastery, and are a mixture of sacred and profane songs, but were obviously too tough to swallow. Copies of the film were destroyed, but luckily, art prevailed.
Cantata: Carmina Burana
“Canciones de Beuern” (Codex Buranus)
Música: Carl Orff
Texto: Manuscrito anónimo encontrado en el
monasterio bávaro de Benediktbeuern
Estreno: el 8 de junio de 1937 en la Alte Oper de
Fráncfort del Meno
In trutina
(Entre los dos)
Parte 3ª III “Cour d’amours” Número 21
Soprano…Lucia Popp
Director de Orquesta……….Kurt Eichhorn
Pelicula dirigida por………..Jean Pierre Ponnelle

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