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Nae Pasaran DVDRIP 2019 V.O.

Año 1974. En una pequeña ciudad escocesa, los trabajadores de las fábricas se niegan a realizar reparaciones en los motores de aviones de guerra en un acto de solidaridad contra el violento golpe militar en Chile. Pasarían cuatro años antes de que los motores, que se oxidaban en el patio de la fábrica, desaparezcan misteriosamente en el medio de la noche. 

after their peaceful act of solidarity, Scottish factory workers discover the incredible impact of their action.

In Scotland in 1974 Bob Fulton, a Rolls-Royce engine inspector, returns to his section, upset and anxious. He’s just told his colleagues that a Chilean Air Force jet engine has arrived in the factory for maintenance and he’s refusing to let it go through, in protest against the recent military coup of General Pinochet. He’s seen the images of people packed into football stadiums and the Chilean Air Force jets bombing Santiago, and now one of the engines from those very same planes is right there, waiting for inspection. He can see his supervisors approaching, he knows he’s about to be fired yet he feels a responsibility.